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RASD 75 – Ride on Scrubber Drier

Close edge cleaning, Integrated front wheel traction, no need for adjustment or lubrication of chains or belts, Large non marking wheels, Easy access to recovery tank makes cleaning fast and easy, Adjustable brush pressure ensures a perfect cleaning resold on all type of floors, Long life – low maintenance costs, Low voltage cut off to protect the batteries, Float system shuts off vacuum air flow when tank is full to prevent overflow, Extremely low noise level, perfect for daytime cleaning in noise sensitive areas, Ergonomic and easy to understand controls



  • 24 Volt DC Battery Operated
  • 560 mm scrubbing width
  • Water Sucker 800 mm
  • 2630 m2 per hour cleaning capacity
  • Large 75 litre solution and 75 L recovery tanks allows
  • longer cleaning time without re-fill
  • Long running time 3 -5 hours
  • Turning Radius 1 Meter
  • Water Sucker 24 Volt 400 Watt
  • Battery 2 X 12 Volt 150 AH