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Commercial Sofa Cleaner – FUC 20

Sofa Cleaner Machine for cleaning sofa upholstery. Our Sofa Cleaner Machine is widely used for cleaning sofa, chairs, car interiors, seats in cinema halls, hotels, restaurants, cleaning industry and many other institutions. Our Sofa Cleaner Machine is a spray injection suction vacuum cleaner which has separate tanks for shampoo water and dirty water. It sprays shampoo and cleans pholstery and then sucks the dirty water by vacuuming.


1200 Watt heavy duty motor
Spray injection suction vacuum function
It sprays shampoo on sofa, carpet, upholstery and cleans.
Then it sucks the dirty water by vacuum, dry cleaning the
3 Liter detergent shampoo tank
5 Litre dirty water tank
More than 180 mbar suction power