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Sofa Cleaning Machine for fast and quality
cleaning Sofa and upholstery. Our Sofa
Cleaning machine has inbuilt following three
It has inbuilt foam generator that generates
thick Foam from shampoo
It has mini hand soft scrubber operating at
200 – 300 rpm speed, which scrubs sofa
upholstery with thick foam produced by
foam generator and deep cleans it.
It has high suction vacuum which sucks the
dirty water by vacuuming leaving behind
almost dry sofa.
3 in 1 Function – Generates Foam from
shampoo, scrubs with scrubber and sucks dirty
water by strong vacuuming
220 Volt Single phase
Heavy Duty 1200 Watt Motor for vacuum
Water Sucker motor 1000 Watt
Mini Hand Scrubber 12 V DC
Scrubber brush diameter 125 mm
Clean Water Tank 15 L
Dirty Water Tank 10 L
Cable 7 m